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  1. Paul Iddon

    Alder Beetle on Aquilegia

    I used a printed background held behind the flower to get a matching background for these. The blue beetle stands out pretty well. Paul.
  2. Paul Iddon

    On it...

    Felt a bit intrusive to be honest, lol... Paul.
  3. Paul Iddon


    This ladybird was enjoying an aphid meal... Paul.
  4. Paul Iddon

    A catkin bug and a GHS

    Here's the first time I've photographed a Birch Catkin Bug (Kleidocerys resedae) - I was struck by the Frankenstein stitching of the elytra, and that's followed by more of one of the GHS's from in the outhouse. Paul.
  5. Paul Iddon

    Hey Froggy!

    Say hello to the first frog in the garden this year - on a journey from the shed to the edge of the pond... Paul.
  6. Paul Iddon

    2 from the night

    A couple from the garden tonight - a bark fly and a millipede on a wintered leaf. Paul.
  7. Paul Iddon

    With the warm sun comes the ladybirds

    Another bright warmer day and the ladybirds are plentiful (I counted over a dozen in my small patch of garden). And occasionally, there's a bad landing to sort out! Paul.
  8. Paul Iddon

    My first jumping spider & Bumblebee of 2022

    They are finally back! Joyous! Paul.
  9. Paul Iddon


    Not sure which - but it will be a night flyer... Found it on the stem of a rose, and it moved onto a rose hip. Paul.
  10. Paul Iddon

    First dronefly in the garden this year

    Eristalis pertinax male. (As far as I can determine!) He was warming up in the sunshine on a laurel leaf and quite happily stepped onto my thumb for a few poses. Paul.
  11. Paul Iddon

    Ground beetle larva

    Look at the jaws on this bad boy! (Ground beetle larva I think). Paul.
  12. Paul Iddon

    Small creatures

    Here is fine specimen of the amazing centipede (great subjects, but I dislike them a little... urgghhh)... And in a small pool of water, you can see several species of water loving creatures: the corpse of a waterhog louse (Asellus aquaticus), a flatworm (Polycellis nigra - an invertebrate of...
  13. Paul Iddon


    These photographs were taken in a controlled conservation area (I am registered with an organisation/charity as a volunteer). I should point out about the great crested newt: Due to enormous declines in range and abundance in the last century, the great crested newt is strictly protected by...
  14. Paul Iddon

    Still more globbies on the bin

    A few more appearing now - all very young and incredibly small, but I can't get a sharper set than these cos I can't focus fast enough on a 1 to 2mm critter! Paul.
  15. Paul Iddon

    3 tonight

    Three from tonight around 11pm... A woodlouse, a flat-backed millipede, and a fly. Paul.
  16. Paul Iddon

    Just an aphid and a 1mm springtail...

    In comparison the aphid is gigantic! Probably the smallest springy I've managed to get a shot of. It's either a be a very juvenile of the Gen / sp nov bunch in Katiannidae, or possibly Bourletiella hortensis or Bourletiella viridescens though I'm leaning toward the former. Paul.
  17. Paul Iddon

    Nice surprise

    In the first fortnight of February, i got a nice surprise when I went hunting around the garden looking for springtails (found one, hard to get though as usual...) Anyway, I was instead delighted to discover a bonus visitor - which I assume, as it was on the door of the recycling bin, that it...
  18. Paul Iddon

    Dicyrtomina saundersi

    If anyone else were to have gone outdoors today in England you'd know how windy and cold it is. I went into the garden to put the food scraps into the recycle bin in a shirt and cardigan when I spotted this springtail. Took some pics, but it was too cold and windy to hold the camera steadily, so...
  19. Paul Iddon

    Another midnight excursion

    It was 5°c outside but it felt closer to zero as the after-midnight air was whipped up by a more than modest wind... Meant only a short hunt in the darkness, and 3 subjects found. First a midge (or garden gnat) sheltering underneath the fence lateral bar keeping out of the wind as best it...