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  1. P

    Not So Good

    A gentleman who took to drink.
  2. Tom dinning

    Camera sale

    Everything is to go. I’m moving back to 2 wheels.
  3. Tom dinning

    The busker

  4. Tom dinning

    Provocative image follows.

    Not as provocative as you’d hoped? Or more so? Do all images provoke? Should all images provoke? In what way do they or should they provoke? If an image provokes in a ‘positive’ way, is it more worthy or better than that which provokes in a ‘negative’ way? If provocation is successful, who...
  5. Antonio Correia

    Watching and waiting

  6. P

    A Good Chuckle

  7. L

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Hombre de Campo

    The title is like "Man from the cuntry side" or something in those lines. This is a typical man from the country side. He has 78 years old and I saw him while going by car with a friend of mine. We decided to go to the country side/farms, that thing, and we saw this guy drinking some beers. We...