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nude model

  1. Asher Kelman

    NSFW A Muse Visits: Kate in a Sheet!

    One of the most delightful models, Kate always sports a genuine smile as she is happy to collaborate and puts her self fully into thr imagery. Asher Kelman: “Afternoon California Light #1” Asher
  2. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    NSFW A couple more nudes from a few years back when I was shooting more regularly.

    Title: Desolation Title: Together Models are Jordana and Hannah Perez Taken with a Canon 1DsmkIII and a 70-200/2.8 on a lightly overcast day And technically Guerrilla Art Nudes, we had to duck and cover for one spec op boat (literally a special ops training facility is up river from that beach...
  3. A

    Nude with vintage Jaguar XK, low-key in garage

    Automobile: Vintage Jaguar XK Three lights: 1: Above, right, and behind model: Speedotron 105 (quad-tube head) fitted with Paul C. Buff 86” silver parabolic lighting modifier (PLM). Powered at 2400 watt-seconds. 2: High, left, and behind model: Paul C. Buff Zeus BTH (bi-tube head) fitted with...
  4. A

    Tess, nude model, chasing a red ball (NSFW)

    Tess, nude model, chasing a red ball (NSFW) Lighting Main light: 550WS 84" umbrella box, front, left, slightly above Back light: 300WS 84" silver umbrella, back, right, slightly above Hair light:100WS 40-deg grid, above and behind on boom arm Settings f/8. 1/200 sec. 33mm focal length; ISO...
  5. A

    Xmas surprise (nude)

    Key light: 54” softbox. Fill light: 48 inch reflector. Background lights: four 48” umbrellas. Post-processing: levels, tones, cleanup of background, symmetry of background. Model: Stephanie. Happy holidays everyone!