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NSFW A couple more nudes from a few years back when I was shooting more regularly.

Title: Desolation
Title: Together
Models are Jordana and Hannah Perez
Taken with a Canon 1DsmkIII and a 70-200/2.8 on a lightly overcast day
And technically Guerrilla Art Nudes, we had to duck and cover for one spec op boat (literally a special ops training facility is up river from that beach, the fun of living in Hampton Roads, Virginia)

Comments on composition, lighting, and camera work always appreciated; only compliments allowed for models.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

First Jordana and Hannah are delightful. Natural graceful form as they walk. We do not know this is a photoshoot, so the models are just perfect.

The pictures are small and I am looking at them with my incredibly high resolution iPhone XS Max and I have zero demands tgetcanything should be different. If the purpose of these pictures is to have the models express youthful innocence and “Jolie de vivre” on the empty beach, the shoot is a success.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Tim Dolan: Jordana & Hanna #2
The branch on the left is an important static masculine linear element. It serves as a counterweight to the two women and it’s fine and made up of “details@.

By contrast the forms of the women are soft and significant for curved feminine outline.

Absent are “details” to stop ones attention to the gestalt oneness of their femininity.

I don’t say “pose” as both these images show nothing static, but a fluidity of form made of smoothness!


Tim Dolan: Jordana & Hanna #1
Of course someone might ask about the ability to resolve the hair, grains of sand or details in the water. Fair questions. It’s feasible that there’s an enormous reserve of detail to be discovered in the RAW images of a 1Ds Mark III.

However, I would assure the most finicky person that these concerns are just for flavors of output on a printer just as sharpening, vignettes or other diverse adjustments might seem fitting for that month’s print. Anyway, next year you might print it differently anyway.

What’s most important is that none of that fussing does any more than add flavor to an already successful set of winning pictures!


Very simple, deceivingly “ordinary” ideas but superbly executed with restraint, no flamboyance and here are wonderful moments you conjured up, that are believable and ones I would be proud of!

...and the models didn’t ruin your dreams, but realized then!

The second picture was closer to what I had been going for at that particular moment. I had them walk up and down the beach a couple times. I was trying to get them to relax so they would look natural and just there in the moment. Kind of forget the camera and photographer were present.

I do like my narrow DoF, and I kept the resolution low for this version here because the pictures were coming out a bit too big to see all on the screen at once, losing the feeling, so kept it to 800 pixel height. Lose some detail, but I don't think it hurts the image any.

Thanks for the comments.