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  1. John Miller

    B/W Nude Model

    Here's a female model posing in her bedroom in a Bed and Breakfast. What a great model too. Technie note: This was shot using a film Pentax 645 on Tri-X film using Dynanite strobes.
  2. Asher Kelman

    A Muse Visits! Juliet

    Juliet is an experience professional and she worked her way though my studio and adjacent rooms finding places to pose. Let me start with her by the glass blocks and Southern light. Asher Kelman: Nude & Airborne Scarf Asher
  3. Asher Kelman

    NSFW Saerlaith & Claudia

    I had a request from a friend to photograph the daughter of a lady with an icecream store. I was totally taken by the extraordinary comfort and bonding between these two young woman! Asher Kelman: “Safety” Fuji GFX 50S 32-64 mm WR Godox AD400 Strobes Mola Setti main light front behind camera...
  4. Will Thompson

    NSFW I love pink polkadots!

  5. Will Thompson

    NSFW Things are looking up!

  6. Will Thompson

    A nude safe for work!

  7. T

    Some thoughts on Nudes at beach

    I attempted this once before with different pictures (same shoot) and it failed to post apparently, so I am trying again. For Trivia: Model is Stathena who is currently in San Francisco area of California, although she travels occasionally these days. Lovely and wonderful art model. Nothing...
  8. Asher Kelman

    A Muse Visits! Olive in Afternoon Light

    Asher Kelman: “Olive”, Monochrome #1 Fuji GFX 50s Fujinon 32-64mm Asher Kelman: “Olive”, Monochrome #2 (With a Red Nail) Fuji GFX 50s Fujinon 32-64mm Asher
  9. T

    NSFW A couple more nudes from a few years back when I was shooting more regularly.

    Title: Desolation Title: Together Models are Jordana and Hannah Perez Taken with a Canon 1DsmkIII and a 70-200/2.8 on a lightly overcast day And technically Guerrilla Art Nudes, we had to duck and cover for one spec op boat (literally a special ops training facility is up river from that beach...
  10. J

    Digital montage .. nude

    Hello all, I've been having a bash at the digital montage caper over the past year or so, I'm an autodidact so it sort of comes and goes, I do a pic get so far think about it and then do another one using what I have found out making the previous one. Cheers - Jim [edit] deleted original...
  11. A

    Nude by the ocean

  12. A

    Tess, nude model, chasing a red ball (NSFW)

    Tess, nude model, chasing a red ball (NSFW) Lighting Main light: 550WS 84" umbrella box, front, left, slightly above Back light: 300WS 84" silver umbrella, back, right, slightly above Hair light:100WS 40-deg grid, above and behind on boom arm Settings f/8. 1/200 sec. 33mm focal length; ISO...
  13. A

    Xmas surprise (nude)

    Key light: 54” softbox. Fill light: 48 inch reflector. Background lights: four 48” umbrellas. Post-processing: levels, tones, cleanup of background, symmetry of background. Model: Stephanie. Happy holidays everyone!
  14. A

    A couple of Narzahni, (nude)

    A couple of Narzahni, (nude) C&C welcome Image #1: Two lights: large softbox as background, gridded spot on lower body Image #2: Serendipitous shot with setup intended for upright pose. Four lights: gridded beauty dish aimed where face would be (probably missing her almost entirely); small...
  15. A

    Cowgirl shoot with Ann (Nude/NSFW)

  16. A

    Arabella nude, background lights only (NSFW)

    A couple of shots showing a setup of gelled background lights And for comparison:
  17. D

    Critique desired: "Softer" Nudes

    my photo contribution for this day. best from europe, dan #1 - Klara #2 - Brenda #3 - Eliska
  18. D

    Glamour Shoot & BHS

    A sample for this day. best, dan #1 #2
  19. D

    Group Workshop: "Glamour & Nude Photography" in Prague, Czech Republic / Feb. 2010

    Group Workshop: "Glamour & Nude Photography" in Prague, Czech Republic / Feb. 2010 Group Workshop: "Glamour & Nude Photography" / 20.2 & 21.2010 The workshop is designed to accommodate all skill levels. You will be shooting under studio lighting conditions. We generally like to start our...
  20. D


    For some time now I've been working on the concept of the Divine Feminine and fertility/fecundity, experimenting with the use of seeds, plants and vegetables as props. I'm satisfied yet with my results, so thought I'd post an example and get some...