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  1. Jim Olson

    The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain

    This is a PANO of from the parking lot of the Port Angeles hospital. I've had a low grade fever for just over a week & they did run a battery of test (Covid 19 was one & it was negative). They thought they saw something on my lung in and x-ray, so yesterday I had an appt for a chest CT scan...
  2. Jim Olson

    Play around with pano's again today and 5 different shots

    I did change anything. Just 5 shot stitched together
  3. D

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Graffiti

    Taken during a rather long walk in an urban environment, in this scene I again saw the ever-present "struggle" (is if nature has a chance?) between destruction and dessicration from the hand of man, and the healing, covering, sustaining nature of... umm... nature. (Technical: Linhof Technorama...
  4. Asher Kelman

    Review: Review of the Gigapan Epic for Digicams like the G10 and the Ricoh GX200 and more!

    II have just taken delivery of the Gigapan Epic, the small integrated programmable panohead to moun t on your tripod and hold your digicam. This version is for Digicams from any MFR where the focus and exposure can be set and there's enough ISO sensitivity for the lighting. I'll try it with the...
  5. Cem_Usakligil

    A vertical pano of a New York City Street

    Hi, I have decided to spend some quality time with the pictures I took last summer in USA ;-) Here is a vertical pano of a NYC street I took. It consists of 15 individual images, handheld, single row. Camera 40D, lens 17-40mm, f/8. Stitching done in PTGUI Pro using equirectangular...
  6. Asher Kelman

    View from a Window in the Vatican

    Well, part of my work now is taming my image files. I came across some of my Canon S50 Digicam pictures taken as we passed a window and then resting the camera on a window sill, swept the air with a series of overlapping images. I am happy I re-discovered the image taken at f4.0 at 1/1000 sec...
  7. C

    Little planet winter scene, Au Jardin Botanique

    You know it's difficult to decide where to put an image. I find it very difficult to select any forum other than "Photography as Art", for anything except the photos I take as part of my "stock" photo collection. Eveything else, good or bad, I try to shoot from the heart, from the...
  8. C

    Port de Neuchâtel - Night Reflections

    Here is my first image post on OPF. I took this a day or two ago and finished the editing this morning. Click here for 1600 pixel version