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  1. R

    Getting into Wildlife Photography

    Hi all, I hope this isn't too much of a tiresome question (I did a search and couldn't find a post that properly answered my question). I've been looking at getting into wildlife photography, with an emphasis on bird photography and plan on taking it seriously. As an undergraduate zoologist who...
  2. M

    Professional photographer logo for you!!!!

    Hello, Are you an amateur or professional photographer? You must deserve a logo that expresses you and your great and elegant work I will design a professional and simple photography logo design for you For this, I believe, but I am sure that this service is very excellent for you Why...
  3. B

    Professional Photography Training with Brett Harkness

    Hi photographers in the making. I have been a professional photographer in the UK now for over 10 years, previously working in the USA in Miami. I currently run group and 1-2-1 training courses in wedding, family shoot, commercial, fashion and travel photography. These courses are based across...
  4. B

    A Thousand Ships

    I spent a little time shooting with one of my favorite workshop models at our last Weekend with the Masters Workshop which was Feb 26-28th. These were shot at ISO 800 in ambient light in an upstairs bathroom. A significant departure in style for myself but the light was just so nice in the...
  5. I

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Swedish perspective

    Hello! Have a look at Swedish photographer Ingemar Edfalk´s work. Updates every day: http://bildburen.blogspot.com/ Regards...