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Hi there, Nick from Anorda Photography here...

Nick Straub

New member
Anorda Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team that are passionate about preserving memories for generations to come. Sam and Nick strive to build true friendships with each of their couples because they feel as though it is the only way to genuinely capture a couple’s love story. They have an undeniable love for natural light and carry that love through their photojournalistic approach and timeless editing style.

We have been shooting weddings for three years now and we have learned plenty along the way. We have much advice to give and also feel we still have more we can learn.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Welcome Nick!

You and Sam have a joyful road ahead of you. It’s an important role and you will bring much pleasure to your community.

A career in Wedding Photography also provides you unusually expressive and reliable skills for when you travel.

Robert Watcher has ended up applying his people craft to extensive photography tours documenting ordinary people in villages in South America!

So a huge welcome to you!