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  1. Emma02

    Sony A7R series The Emotional Impact of Photographing Dogs

    Hello, I find that photographing dogs often evokes deep emotions. Capturing their innocence, joy, and loyalty touches the heart, reminding us of unconditional love and fleeting moments. Their expressive eyes tell stories of trust and hope. Each snapshot immortalizes a bond or a memory...
  2. Emma02

    Tips for Capturing Dog Photos

    Hello, I really love dogs. they are really looks innocent. So I've recently taken an interest in photographing dogs, especially during their playful moments in parks or during walks. While I've captured some decent shots, I often find it challenging to get the focus right, especially when they...
  3. John Miller

    Nude in Tunnel

    One of my favorite models to work with poses nude in a highway tunnel from last Sunday morning. Technie Note: This was shot using a Nikon D3S and a Nikon 80-200 AFS zoom and a set of Norman 200Bs
  4. ashishroe

    Her Name Is Machli

    Got an opportunity to capture the most loved Tiger named Machli. What rating would you like to give it? Thanks
  5. Per Ellström

    Photography turned to Art ...

    I'm "insane” and do strange projects. I was asked to be a backup exhibitor at a local gallery, and do 12 digital paintings, which I did, and then got obsessed and did 142 in four months. Here is a selfie painting example ( In My Own Hands ), based on my images of parts of me and inside of...
  6. sajephotography

    Looking for Best Photographer New Jersey

    Finding a the right photographer for your big day should be a fun and exciting experience. It will help if you're armed with some insight on photography and common questions to ask. As a professional photographer in New Jersey with over 16 years of experience, I've met with many potential...
  7. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina

    World Expo.

    Sevilla, Isla Cartuja world Expo 1992. Sharing cultures, experience and different perspectives are the biggest adventure you can live in life.
  8. Antonio Correia

    Have I told you...

    Have I told you how much appreciate the work of Nick Brandt ? I have bought his last book The Day May Break ! Have a look !
  9. Antonio Correia

    Guatemala, Chichicastenango

    Back in November 2019 we traveled to Guatemala. During religious celebrations I made this shot as the woman looked up the festive rockets.
  10. Nick Straub

    Hi there, Nick from Anorda Photography here...

    Anorda Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team that are passionate about preserving memories for generations to come. Sam and Nick strive to build true friendships with each of their couples because they feel as though it is the only way to genuinely capture a couple’s love...
  11. T

    At-Home Project Ideas During Quarantine

    This Covid-19 self-isolation time is a great opportunity to uncover your creative side and expand your still life photography skills. Here are a few ideas to try at home - https://www.format.com/magazine/resources/photography/covid-19-photography-ideas-at-home
  12. lillyann

    Spam removed!

    Deleted as this advertisement was posted without permission!
  13. James Lemon

    Russian Fairy Tale

  14. Antonio Correia


  15. Antonio Correia


    I am trying to make a collection of 6 photographs of... brooms. Yes, brooms. In the Orient we see many brooms in many different places and I started to look at them with more attention than before. However, I have just a few as I was only aware of them lately. Here are some. It doesn't matter...
  16. L

    Alternative Process: Zen Photography / Minor White

    I am currently reading "The Zen of Creativity - Cultivating Your Artistic Life" by John Daido Loori and have just come across this quote: - MINOR WHITE Earlier in the book the author attended a workshop given by White and quotes him: - MINOR WHITE Does this process resonate with anyone?
  17. L

    What is a Photograph?

    In our post-digital world - what (in your opinion) is a photograph? Is it the image out the camera - or is it the post-processed result of digital manipulation? On the continuum of processing from camera to post-processed, manipulated, composited digital creation is there a point at which a...
  18. R

    In Memoriam: A FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER:Erwin Blumenfeld

    A FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER Some Personal Reflections Part 1: On a Saturday afternoon with one month remaining in an Australian summer, and while waiting for two friends to arrive for a social visit, my wife and I had the pleasure of watching the doco "The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women." It was a...
  19. M

    My World: Still Life with Peaches

    Weather has not been nice all summer. Rain, rain and more rain. Today there was no rain but very cold. So I resort to doing what I often do, find something inside and do a set-up. I have some lovely peaches that just were begging to be photographed. Hope you enjoy. :-) Maggie
  20. M

    Marcos Meneghetti photographer

    Hello, everyone I'm a beginner photographer and I would like to share with you my blog of photography. Here is the link http://meneghettiphotography.blogspot.fr/ Critics and sugestions are welcome Thank you Marcos Meneghetti http://meneghettiphotography.blogspot.fr/