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  1. fahim mohammed

    My World: A quick bite!

    Leica ME, lux 50 asph, Laos. Archives.
  2. Tom dinning

    With all this laying about I’ve been doing........

    I’ve not not been so relaxed since my last divorce came though. Must be the easy life. Barely a visitor. The only disturbance is the new Friar bird chicks Chirping all day and the pee wee family attacking me if I step onto the lawn. Spent an hour doing some images I haven’t seen for a while...
  3. Tom dinning

    Incidental selfies.

    Reflective surfaces are everywhere. It’s not difficult for me to imagine that the world is reminding me of what I do. Then again, it might be that I am reminding myself of what I do. I can’t isolate myself from the scene. Not completely. There will always be a small disturbance. I am always on...
  4. Tom dinning

    An ill defined photographer.

    I’m currently going through all my photographs, one by bloody one, and rethinking them, reprocessing, reinventing as it were. I don’t throw much out so this could take me a while. Along the way I ask myself questions. Today, the question is “What sort of a photographer am I?” Along with that...
  5. S

    Nagano Night

    coming back from a hike in the mountains around Nagano a few years back. got off the bus early and walked down through the center of town towards the hotel. the rest is in the image.
  6. P


  7. P

    In His Cups

    Gentleman on the left was many sheets to the wind. Polkadot skirted girl from my "Working Girls" shot enjoying her lunch.
  8. Tom dinning

    The busker

  9. Tom dinning

    Street Findings.

    Nothing is lost in the street Yet there are things to find Placed, not misplaced Signposted by inquisitiveness Subtracted by imagination Altered by our own motion Held still by our endeavours Vanish. Then something else Around the next corner.
  10. Nicolas Claris

    Snap in the street - Where's the scale?

    The man on the right is "normally" tall, I mean not small… One tall man with two tall dogs...
  11. Tom dinning

    Essex Street

    The corner of Essex and Charlotte Streets in Sydney is typical of any of the old intersections throughout the CBD. The buildings were constructed in the late 1800s to 1950 from the local stone, part of the Hawkesbury basin Sandstone. Solid as a rock as they would say.
  12. Jarmo Juntunen

    Of Ghosts and Ghost Towns

    Rhyolite, Nevada San Fransisco, California
  13. P

    General Store

    In Bahía Solano
  14. P


    Street performers negotiating pineapple in downtown Cali.