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An extraordinary gift!

Maggie Terlecki

Active member
Today, I received the most beautiful and extraordinary gift from an exceptional and talented sculptor from our region. His name is Jacques Pelletier.

Tiny bit of history. Last winter, I did a photo shoot for him at the exhibition hall in our town where he was showing his latest works. We went on a day that it was closed and were able to set up light, umbrellas etc., to do the shoot. After the shoot, I had been invited to join him and his friends at their weekly Wednesday morning gathering at a local coffee shop. It was wonderful. Everyone was very nice and kind and accepted me very easily.

Since then, as some of you know, I've worked for him conceptualizing and realizing 4 books of his sculptures as well as a couple videos. He has been pleasure to work with as he is such a wonderful and kind soul and I've been very impressed by his incredible work.

So last week, as many of you know, it was my birthday. I knew that on Wednesday, there would probably be cake, as we celebrate everyone's birthday this way. I was not however expecting this extraordinary gift.

It is very difficult for me to explain to you how touched I am and how beautiful this piece is. I am honored to own it. It is just so fabulous and special. It is called l'Envolée (The Soaring). It is more extraordinary than I can say.

If you have not already, or if you want to see his work again, please visit this short video which shows you his latest exposition:
I did this video of his works of images I took, and my son wrote the music.

Nicolas Claris

I see people have viewed this forum and perhaps they do not like the piece, but I, am enthralled. I just wanted to share it with you all.
Fascinating is the right word I've read here…
Although it is my 1st visit of this thread, I understand you very well, it happens most of the time to my own threads, this one of the reasons for me to be lazy here and post only a few… :(
Aussi j'ai décidé et déjà expliqué que je ne posterai plus qu'en français en invitant tous les non angliciste à faire de même et que chacun me répondre dans la langue de son choix…
Cela n'auggmente pas le nombre de réponses à mes posts! LoL!