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maggie terlecki

  1. M

    An extraordinary gift!

    Today, I received the most beautiful and extraordinary gift from an exceptional and talented sculptor from our region. His name is Jacques Pelletier. Tiny bit of history. Last winter, I did a photo shoot for him at the exhibition hall in our town where he was showing his latest works. We went...
  2. M

    Some lovely poppies.

    I have friends that have a beautiful zen garden and for the second time this year I've gone to visit it. This last weekend, I had a helper so brought along some black and white foam core to separate some flowers from the myriad of flowers growing there. I so enjoyed my time and would like to...
  3. M

    A simple snowflake

    Although we tend to think all snowflakes have the 6 sides and all the spikes, but mostly they don't. It takes very humid weather cold but not overly cold weather. Most of the time, they are simply little columns or underdeveloped. Just about a half hour ago, some fluffy flakes starting falling...
  4. M

    New planets!

    When I did the 31 day challenge, I did a photo of a soap bubble and it was very tricky to do. I ended up with a nice one, but still had to crop quite drastically as there were so many reflections I needed to cut out. So this weekend, I figured I'd try and get some bubbles without any weird...
  5. M

    Follow along on my 31 day challenge - Day 1&2

    I'm doing a 31 day challenge with a group of friends. We are shooting one shot everyday for the whole month and we are following a list. We must do whatever the list says which may be either an object, an adjective or a type of shot. The interesting thing is to see how everyone treats the same...
  6. M

    View of Aurora last night from my back porch

    I'd thought I'd share my Aurora sighting with you that I had last night. Around 1:30am, on my way to bed, as I approached the steps, I could see what appeared to be beams of light from the hall window. It is a difficult window to look out of so I sauntered off into the kitchen to get a better...
  7. M

    Leaves Part VII

    Here is another one from the shoot; I think I may be able to pull one or two more out in the next couple days -- no promises though. Here, they are standing up in somewhat of a pyramidal shape. A Trinity of Leaves - © Maggie Terlecki 2014
  8. M

    Leaves Part VI

    This is quite cropped but I could see it in my head being very wide like a panorama. I couldn't think of a good name so if anyone has any great ideas, I would appreciate hearing them. Unnamed for the moment :-P ©Maggie Terlecki 2014
  9. M

    Leaves Part V

    Simply a trio of leaves - I hope you enjoy them. Trio Foliorum - ©Maggie Terlecki 2014
  10. M

    Leaves Part IV

    Yes, more leaves; hope you are not all too bored with them. I wanted to try something a bit different with the so I dyed a few this weekend in shades of pink, red and maroon. I have a few examples to share today; there may be more in the future. I hope you enjoy them. I'm putting them in...
  11. M

    Leaves Part III

    A darker feel for these leaves. A bit of Yin to balance out the Yang. [/image] Swordfish ©Maggie Terlecki 2014
  12. M


    I'm currently doing a series of images with leaves. Hope you enjoy them as I will update this thread with more of them. :-)
  13. M


    Although I'm not a fan of the huge carnations that people used to put in their lapels during weddings, I do like the simple 5 petal dianthus you see in so many gardens. They have a very spicy, cinnamony smell. Dianthus - ©Maggie Terlecki 2014
  14. M

    Floral Conversation

    Named this way because this flower sort of spoke to me. The little squares behind are my curtains. I debated if I should take them out, but decided that I liked them. Floral Conversation ©Maggie Terlecki 2014
  15. M

    Soft Walk

    Sometimes you are taking a picture and the subject changes to something more interesting! Soft Walk ©Maggie Terlecki
  16. M

    Roses in Black and White

    In my garden I have a huge rose bush with Thérèse Bugnet Roses. I so prefer them to the commercial Valentine's day type roses. They are lush and aromatic and I just love it when they are completely open as they get all crinkly and wonderful. Here are a few. I hope you like them. Thérèse...
  17. M

    Moods of Echinops

    I actually shot this set about a month ago, but it was for a challenge between myself and 12 other photographers. Some wanted the entire month so I didn't want to share it anywhere before the challenge. We had to do 3 photos or more and set them as a collage (so triptychs, quadtychs etc., ) This...
  18. M

    My World: Still Life with Peaches

    Weather has not been nice all summer. Rain, rain and more rain. Today there was no rain but very cold. So I resort to doing what I often do, find something inside and do a set-up. I have some lovely peaches that just were begging to be photographed. Hope you enjoy. :-) Maggie
  19. M

    My World: Tulips Encore - Still Life

    Until a week ago, it was still winter here, but finally a few tulips have poked through brave heads out of the ground and have given us hope of spring. Unfortunately, they are announcing a bit of snow for tonight, but I went out and brought one tulip in and took some images in the warmth and...
  20. M

    My World: Fall

    Photos taken Tuesday and a few from before that I thought I'd share before the frost arrives and I change my mind about posting them. 4 very different views about the same seasonal subject. I know this one is overblown, but the sun was very low and very bright and yes, I loved it. The...