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Aussie Dog.

Tom dinning

I’m not big on dogs. The only dogs I’ve owned is the Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Healer. They come in red as well.
They have a touch of dingo in them. Bred for long haul cattle mustering. They’ll round up a bunch of kids in a school yard just as well.


Peter Dexter

Well-known member
Well I like dogs and I like yours. Here's a quip I found when I looked up the breed: "These resilient herders are intelligent enough to routinely outsmart their owners."

Doug Kerr

Well-known member
Hi, Tom,

Known in the Northern Hemisphere as a Blue Heeler.

But then, I'm just a man.

Best regards,


Tom dinning

Are there marsupial “dogs” too?

Wouldn’t be a dog (canis) if it had a pouch.
Closest in physical appearance is probably the wombat.


It’s a marsupial mammal that burrows, eats, roots, and leaves.

There’s an old joke inbuilt into that definition

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Well you and your wombat, strolling down the avenue! Very romantic! If you see a coin on the ground, don’t pick it up!