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Costa Rica Photography Workshop: April 27 - May 7, 2012

I have just completed arrangements for my 2012 Photography adventure to Costa Rica, which will take place April 27 - May 7, 2012. We will be traveling to both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, as well as some excellent locations inbetween. I have included some of the most productive spots from my prior trips, and have added a couple of new ones that I have been hoping to visit for quite a while:

Tortuguerro, on the Caribbean coast, including 2 Boat Tours on the river and canals of the National Park.

Rancho Naturalista, in the Turrialba area, world-famous for its birding.

Carara National Park, on the Pacific coast, one of the most famous Parks in Costa Rica.

Tarcoles River Boat Tour, perhaps my single favorite activity for photography.

Wetlands at Solimar, which we visited briefly last year and was extremely productive.

Boat Tour on the Bebedero and Tempisque Rivers, another new location and activity.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens, which houses a spectacular Aviary and Butterfly garden, as well as the famous waterfalls.

As with all of my trips, the group will be kept small (no more than 10), to maximize shooting and instructional opportunities, and will include several formal workshop sessions to systematically cover a wide variety of photography topics. In addition, the needs of all photographers, from beginner to advanced, can be accommodated by keeping the group size small.

A general description of this trip can be found here:


A detailed Daily Itinerary can be seen here:


The tentative Agenda for the Workshop sessions is provided here:


For those wanting to bring non-photographer family or friends, there will be plenty for them to see, do and enjoy in this beautiful little country, even if photography is not of interest to them.

I have a YouTube Video with a selection of images from past Costa Rica trips here:


Please contact me if you have questions, want to reserve a slot, etc.

Hope you'll be able to join us!