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  1. ashishroe

    Her Name Is Machli

    Got an opportunity to capture the most loved Tiger named Machli. What rating would you like to give it? Thanks
  2. Martin Ludwig

    My wildlife encounters over the years

    Hey there, since I don't want to spam this Forum with hundreds of new threads, I'd like to show some of my encounters in one threat that goes on and on. I hope it's ok if I do so and I'm always looking to get honest reviews. 😅 I'd like to start with some shots I took up in New Hampshire...
  3. Martin Ludwig

    Hello from Bavaria

    Hey there, I'm Martin, I'm from Bavaria and I do mostly Wildlife photography since ~2010. English obviously isn't my first language but I hope, you're able to understand my posts and take it easy on grammar and spelling errors 😅 I've started with a Canon EOS 1000D, had a EOS 550D until last...
  4. Robert Watcher

    Muskrat Love

    I havent seen a muskrat since I was a kid swimming in the local river. So it was a surprise to find this wet and dark little fellow gnawing on the fresh green leaves beside a little pond we drove by after I picked up Anne from her mothers house. Olympus E-M1 mkII w/75-300mm @300mm (600mm equiv)
  5. Tim Rucci


    Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, 2018 If not for a large aperture lens, this guy could easily blend into the background. His colors are so similar to the fall foliage.
  6. Tim Rucci

    Ospreys in flight

    I captured these images a few years ago at Blue Cypress Lake in Florida... (The first three are in flight; the fourth one had a different idea)
  7. Tim Rucci

    Red Shoulder Hawk

  8. James Lemon

    Portrait In Natural Light

  9. James Lemon

    The Buck Stops Here

  10. T

    Favorite Zoo & Wildlife Park photos

    A few of my favorite zoo and wildlife park photos. I hope you'll enjoy them. Hand-held, no cropping. Canon SX40 & SX50 cameras. Harris's Hawk Western Lowland Gorilla American Flamingo Meerkat Himalayan Monal
  11. Robert Watcher

    Wildlife outside our door

    Covid 19 Quarantine in Rural Ontario - sitting outside our small trailer tonight at dusk. Rabbits are shot at 3200 ISO. Focal length for all images was 600mm.
  12. James Lemon

    Serious Bird

  13. James Lemon

    Female Blackbird

  14. Tom dinning

    Wildlife photo awards

  15. J

    Getting into Wildlife Photography

    Hi all, I hope this isn't too much of a tiresome question (I did a search and couldn't find a post that properly answered my question). I've been looking at getting into wildlife photography, with an emphasis on bird photography and plan on taking it seriously. As an undergraduate zoologist who...
  16. Murray Foote

    Australia Burning

    This is the new Parliament House in Canberra last Sunday morning, on a day when Canberra was measured to have the worst air quality of any city in the world due to smoke from the massive fires to our east on the south coast of New South Wales and also fires about fifty kilometres to our west...
  17. D


    I've recently added a 600mm f/4 lens to my toybox toolbox. It's a beast and it attracts too much attention, but having said this I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
  18. Gordon Baird


    Jay was photographed at Morton Lochs. IG9A1812 by Gordon Baird, on Flickr
  19. Gordon Baird

    Red Squirrel

    Captured this with my Canon 600 f4 lens. IG9A1765 by Gordon Baird, on Flickr
  20. D

    recent photos

    Marin County California, 04 October Sacramento County, 10 October