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New twin flash

Paul Iddon

This is my first post with photos on the forum (I did an intro thread of course). I'm from England - I wonder how many of you are from here too?

My interesting is 99% macro, and even though it pains my knees to find most subjects which have a habit of being low down or at ground level, I still love doing macro.

For Christmas I was fortunate enough to get a new flash gun with twin heads, and having then acquired a special set of diffusers, I continued to add my own diffusion layers in an attempt to get away from those horrid highlights flashguns create.

I use the LAOWA Venus 60mm 2:1 Super |Macro Lens, almost exclusively...

Anyway, having got this new flash unit, I got around to some experimental images, and these are the first four.

I hope you enjoy having a look.

They are of my cat's nose, some strawberries, an old screw and a rusty hinge!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Paul I especially like the images of iron fixtures as they have commanding interest and are most original.

Still the cat’s nose is also damn good too!


Paul Iddon

Thanks Asher.

I have a back catalogue of macro I could share, but I don't want to flood the page!

There's around a 1000 of them on my 2 Flickr pages if any want to ever take the time to look.

Am I OK to put links to them in a signature?


Paul Iddon

I have a ringflash as well Will, but it makes macro harder beacuse of the bright half-moon rings it creates.