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Tom dinning

Career plan?
What’s going on with your brain, Ash.
She wants to be seen; as attractive, as worthy of a photograph, as desirable, as better than others.
She is young and nieve. Not in a bad way but a youthful way.
Oh, how I desire her outlook, her tight skin, her inexperience, her sense of destiny.

Do we not all remember and reminisce on these times? Is this one reason why we might chose to notice such people?

It’s too late. For me, for you.
All we can do is admire it.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Yes she is beautiful and a delight!

Today my grandson came to swim and I marveled how vital, healthy and happy he looks with not the slightest hesitation in his outlook that everything is going to be worth tackling!

I don’t cease to be amazed by youth with its sense of immortality!