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Water from rivers

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Fab pictures! Looks all hand made by local craftsmen!

I understand the blades can catch the water, it how does the water get into that “bucket”?

...or is that simply the only remaining bucket, or more is not needed?


Jem Raid

New member
It looks to me like a demonstration the water just goes back into the river. Just someone with a chainsaw who massacred a tree or two. Being an undershot wheel it may not have the power and the construction may not have the strength to lift too many buckets. Overshot ones are amazing if you get the chance stand by one when it starts, I nearly had to send my trousers to the cleaners, instant and enormous power. I saw one at a Flint Mill and Flint is hard stuff.

Cheers - J