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    My friend has built a fish pond with aquatic plants that abuts against his bedroom window. ]
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    Lina is a proud member of "el otro equipo" as they say hears abouts.
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    Two Embera Girls...

    ...were sitting by the roadside waiting for transport. The one in the dress had pierced her own ears recently having arrived at womanhood. She is now ready to be gifted earrings as a proposal of marriage.
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    Cerodirphia mota

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    Snazzy Moth

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    No Bucket Trucks...

    ...here in Colombia for tree cutters. Guy just climbs up a rope hand over hand and goes to work on the limbs toppling the tree chunk by chunk. This was a Croton sp. tree in front of my house that was very old, losing big limbs and in poor condition. Here in this department of Colombia property...
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    A Door

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    La Negra Chantaduro

    Women in front of a hospital in Cali, Colombia selling chantaduro and mango biche. Chantaduro is the fruit from the Peach Palm tree. It is served with honey, salt and lemon juice. Mango biche is green mango (not sweet) served with lemon juice and salt. The women are always Black and typically...
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    Angie 3

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    Thoscora acca

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    Who Knew...

    ...that moths can be psychedelic.
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    Angie 2

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    Bandeja Paisa

    There are really only two dishes Colombia is known for: one is Sancocho de Gallina found in the environs of Cali and the other (pictured) is Bandeja Paisa originating in Antioquia department. Consists of fried egg sunny side up, beans, rice, chicharróno (fried pork belly) chorizo (sausage) carne...
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    Family: Cicadellidae
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    A Special Moth

    According to a Colombian student of Lepidoptera this moth is identified as Eucereon albinota. It was first identified (8 kilometers from my home) in 1910 by Paul Dognin, a French entomologist whose collections are now in the National Museum of History in Washington DC. The identifier of my photo...
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    Tricky Tricky

    Look like a dangerous wasp when you're really just an inoffensive moth.