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    Santa Marta Antbird

    I was pleased to get this shot. It is a skulker and an endemic to the north coast of Colombia.
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    Long Horn

    Amphelictus milleri
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    Trichopilia fragrans

    As indicated by the epithet this orchid growing on my roof is very fragrant.
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    Crimson-rumped Toucanet

    Showing crimson rump
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    White-sided Flowerpiercer

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    Muulticolored Tanager

    A Colombia endemic
  7. P


    I haven't set foot there lately but on a trip to the US some months back I saw that in the midwest people were required to mask up to enter a gas station convenience store or other comercial property but generally went maskless apart from that. Here in Colombia it has become pretty much the norm...
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    Wet Scrub Tanager

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    Buff-Tailed Coronet

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    Red-headed Barbet

  11. P

    Plain Indeed

    A female Plain Antvireo
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    Aleja's Niece

  14. P


    Dance performance referencing Colonial period in Colombia
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    Batman Diablo

  16. P

    Performance At Delirio

  17. P


    A salsa dancer with Delirio in Cali, Colombia
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    Lepanthes calimae

    Known only from the area where I photographed it near Lago Calima, Colombia. and Anchicayá. Endemic.
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    Portrait Of Green Jay