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    White-sided Flowerpiercer

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    Muulticolored Tanager

    A Colombia endemic
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    I haven't set foot there lately but on a trip to the US some months back I saw that in the midwest people were required to mask up to enter a gas station convenience store or other comercial property but generally went maskless apart from that. Here in Colombia it has become pretty much the norm...
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    Plain Indeed

    A female Plain Antvireo
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    Dance performance referencing Colonial period in Colombia
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    A salsa dancer with Delirio in Cali, Colombia
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    Lepanthes calimae

    Known only from the area where I photographed it near Lago Calima, Colombia. and Anchicayá. Endemic.
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    Busy Street

    In Trujillo, Valle, Colombia
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    Haitian Immigrants In Cali

    Thousands of Haitians immagrants most without documents are passing through Colombia in an effort to reach the United States. Currently many are holed up at the Cali bus terminal unable to get transport northward to the border with Panamá. Officially they can't board interdepartmental without...
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    Drying Cacao

    The beans are soaked in water for three days, dried in the sun for three days, peeled, roasted, ground then you are ready to make chocolate.
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    Hypercompe laeta