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    The Venezuelens

    They are camped near the bus terminal in Cali. They have fled Venezuela and once hoped to continue on from Colombia to Ecuador where they believed there were better economic opportunities. Now they don't want to go because of the devastation the virus has caused in that country and many who went...
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    Eared Jacamar

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    Morning Walk

    An Andean Motmot
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    Pigging Out

    A glutton downing the bananas I put out for the birds.
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    Cloud Forest Usual Suspects

    Metallic-green Tanager Black-capped Tanager Multicolored Tanager Saffron-crowned Tanager Golden Tanager
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    Burried Children With Dog

    Took this some years ago in Playa Huina, Chocó, Colombia
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    Feeding Family Of Five

    Colombian Chachalaca family. Two adults, three chicks and going through bananas like crazy.
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    Brown Violetear

    The Violetears flare their "ears" to intimidate other hummingbirds.
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    A Weevil

    who lost an antenna
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    Masked Trogon

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    Yes I know, I absolutely have to photograph her in a better setting but here'a start.
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    Langsdorffia hypogaea

    A parasitic plant
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