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    Cinnamon Flycatcher

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    Cinnamon Flycatcher

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    Lunch Counter

    At the Guambiano Indian market in Silvia , Colombia
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    KGB Bar In Cartagena

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    It is customary for girls (at least city girls) in Colombia to wear a new outfit for Christmas Eve. This was Angie Natalia's
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    Pinturas Rupuestres

    Rock paintings in San Jose del Guaviare Department, Colombia. Some portions are believed to be ten thousand years old. There is an image (not here) that pretty clearly shows a giant sloth. The paint is mineral based so difficult to date. The painting on these rock cliffs continued for thousands...
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    Toucan Barbet

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    Isla Providencia 2016

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    Oxydia geminata

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    Violet-crowned Woodnymph

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    Forgot Something!

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    Mi Nata

    Another try.
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    Angie Later

    Well I took a snapshot of Angie after a hiatus of about two years. Now she's twenty three. Foolish me I forgot to move her away from the wall. Damn!
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    Red-headed Barbet

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    Rufous-gaped Hillstar

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    Colombia Endemic

    Multicolored Tanager
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    Restrepia contorta

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    Azara's Spinetail

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    White-necked Jacobin