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    Brown Violetear

    The Violetears flare their "ears" to intimidate other hummingbirds.
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    A Weevil

    who lost an antenna
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    Masked Trogon

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    Yes I know, I absolutely have to photograph her in a better setting but here'a start.
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    Langsdorffia hypogaea

    A parasitic plant
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    If you want to take a long nap and not get eaten by a hungry bird... ...just find yourself a nice corner and stretch your legs out...
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    As Muse

    Andrea again.
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    Morning's Motmot

    Colombian endemic with bromeliad. Appears to have been mucking about.
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    Big As your Hand

    Tom's Funnal Spider post inspired me to add this: it is a beautiful male Pamphobeteus tarantula I found walking about on my property. The female is all brown. The males only come out in the daytime when they are searching for a mate and in 17 years I've only seen two. Daylight travel is very...
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