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    Usual Suspect

    Male Red-headed Barbet
  2. P


    Jessika again. Not sure if I've posted this, if so apologies.
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    Plain Antvireo

    A male:
  4. P


  5. P

    Jeepers Creepers

    Trujillo Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
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    Family: Tachinidae

    Parasitic fly
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    "El Alecrán"

    The story behind these photos: over a period of eight years, 1986-1994 a massacre occurred in the the village of Trujillo in Valle Del Cauca department, Colombia in which more than a hundred campesinos were tortured and killed. A prominent drug trafficker and land owner with the nickname El...
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    Dia de Los Ahijados (Or God Children)

    In Colombia it is customary for every child to have a godfather, godmother or both. They are called "padrinos". This person or persons are responsible for the child in the event of tragedy visiting the parents and give presents to the child on the day of the god children or "Dia de Los Ahijados"...
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    Heliconius erato chestertonii

    This subspecies is endemic to five department in western Colombia. It is shown to reach an altitude of 1800m in dry and wet forests but I photographed it today at 2100m.
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    Portrait Chachalaca

    Colombian Chachalaca endemic to the Cauca and Magdalena valleys of eastern central Colombia.
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    Three Potato Four

    Market in Silvia, Cauca department.
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    Street food in Trujillo
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    Bronzy Inca

  14. P


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    Bikers In Trujillo

    In the village on market day
  16. J

    Wedding Photog in Cartagena, Colombia?

    May be a long shot, but does anyone have recommendations for a wedding photographer in Cartagena, Colombia? I am looking for someone local as flying someone out there would exceed the budget. Yes, I've already Googled and only came up with one decent result. Thanks in advance.