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    One of the great things about the city of Cali, Colombia is that merchants selling the same product set up shop cheek by jowl clustered along multiple city blocks in a given part of town and every taxi driver knows where to take you if you are looking for something. And when you get there if you...
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    Take A Hike

    A millipede in Colombia
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    Orange-bellied Euphonia

    The description in a well known field guide begins with "no obvious orange on belly". This is the most common Euphonia at higher altitudes.
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    Another Pretty Face

    This is Anolis eulaemus. It is endemic to the western cordillera of Colombia but not considered at risk on the IUCN Red List.
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    How would you like to live here? You would have a long seep walk to get anywhere. It is an Indian home in the Andes mountains. They often like to live far away from the rest of the Colombian population. It is notable that unlike other Colombians they don't clear large swaths around their homes...
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    Unnatural Erosion

    The Andes mountains being a younger geological formation than for example the Ozark mountains of the US Midwest are typically very steep not having experienced the natural erosion of the latter. Farmers in Colombia all too often clear these slopes. The people in this home have cleared the...
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    Chance Encounter

    My friend and I were sipping tinto (black coffee) at a little roadside restaurant next to a traffic circle that connects three important highways in Colombia when a group of kids who were traveling came bounding up to us and asked us to buy them something to eat. We said sure and bought them...
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    Coffee Mom

    The parade of Willys Jeeps through Trujillo.
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    In His Cups

    Gentleman on the left was many sheets to the wind. Polkadot skirted girl from my "Working Girls" shot enjoying her lunch.
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    En Garde

    My Dutch friend has a small finca just on the edge of town on the road that leads to villages higher up in coca growing areas. His finca is at a strategic point. Sometimes the army camps on his property so they can set up a checkpoint on the road out of the village. He knew these guys who were...
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    Party On

    Partying at the festival.
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    Couple Of Working Girls

    From the Bar Del Rio at the village fiesta.
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    Near Hidden

    His intension of course. A Crimson-rumped Toucanet
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    Multicolored Tanager

    Endemic to Colombia