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covid 19

  1. James Lemon

    Covid 19 Lockdown

    The response to Covid 19 will prove to be a huge blunder. The only accomplishment has been the slowing of heard immunity and in the process put more elderly people at risk. They should have locked down the elderly but locked down the children instead.
  2. James Lemon

    Potential Vaccine for Covid 19

    The University of Saskatchewan will start testing a potential vaccine for Coronavirus on animals next month! Come fall time they are planning testing on adults. They are one of a few facilities approved to work with this. A joint venture with others, not a race to be first, but a cooperative...
  3. Robert Watcher

    Small Town Sensibilities

    With the doors shut permanently for now, this small town furniture store is finding ways to exploit social media in an effort to keep business rolling. Yesterday I noticed these huge symbols on their windows - covering every conceivable avenue customers might use to contact them. —————...
  4. Jerome Marot

    Contact tracing app.

    Apple and google are jointly developing a contact tracing app that would tell people if they were near a infected people in the past 2 weeks. The underlying mathematics are interesting. How do the apps work? A naive approach would be to store the position of the whole population all the time...
  5. Robert Watcher


    LAST DAY OF FREEDOM A few short weeks ago, Anne and I were having fun in the interior mountains of El Salvador. As we headed home down the mountain road, I grabbed this shot through the front windshield while sitting in the back of the car. The 3 hours drive included a beautiful sunset. When...
  6. James Lemon

    Tracking Down The Wuhan Virus