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covid 19

  1. Asher Kelman

    Been absent…. With COVID 19

    I apologize for vanishing. Unfortunately, despite 4 vaccine shots, some high dose of Covid-19 virus caught up with me. Fortunately I have the up to date expertise of the Head of The Covid Unit at Sheba Medical Center looking after me. But instead of being in a hospital, he sent radiology...
  2. Jerome Marot

    Omicron, data from South Africa.

    As you may know, there is a new COVID-19 variant in South Africa, called omicron (the Greek letter). It is considerably more contagious than the previous variant, called delta (another Greek letter). Considerably more contagious means "about as bad as varicella" (chickenpox and shingles)...
  3. Asher Kelman

    OMICRON Covid-19 variant alert

    This new variant has been spreading fast in South Africa and countries are closing borders to flights from their! That country has proved a hotbed for the virus spread, as only 35% are vaccinated. “In the event that vaccine-escape variant emerges, Pfizer and BioNTech expect to be able to...
  4. P


    I haven't set foot there lately but on a trip to the US some months back I saw that in the midwest people were required to mask up to enter a gas station convenience store or other comercial property but generally went maskless apart from that. Here in Colombia it has become pretty much the norm...
  5. Jerome Marot

    COVID-19 maybe not from China.

    There appear to be some evidence that the virus was present in Europe earlier in 2019. Here a study from France: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10654-020-00716-2
  6. Jerome Marot

    New coronavirus variants could require updated vaccines

    We don't really know yet, so please take this info with a grain of salt. There are 3 known mutations of covid-19, called after the country where they were first spotted (which may not be the country they originate from): Britain, South Africa and Brazil. In Brazil in particular, the situation...
  7. Chris Calohan

    Second Shot

    Is there going to be one and if not, how long before I get the second one will the first one hold? If I fail to get the second Moderna shot, can I wait the requisite 28 days then get a Johnson and Johnson?
  8. Chris Calohan

    Got shot #1 today.

    #2 comes on Feb 5...sore arm, some queasiness in my tummy and a bit of fuzzy-headedness at the beginning. It was quick and easy.
  9. Jerome Marot


  10. Jerome Marot

    Scented candles review.

    A somewhat lighter post today. It is possible to build a scientific study on a shoestring, when one finds a way. Kate Petrova noticed that the reviews of scented candles on Amazon went down at the beginning of this year. Could it be the effect of covid-19, taking into account that one of the...
  11. Jerome Marot

    Wastewater COVID-19 Tracking

    Test results from Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's pilot study to track wastewater at the Deer Island Treatment Plant for indicators of COVID-19 infection will be posted on this site: http://www.mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm
  12. Jerome Marot


    This is the latest advert from the German government about covid-19. With English subtitles.
  13. Jerome Marot

    Event 201

    You may already know about this, as it happened last year. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201,[29] a high-level pandemic tabletop exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The...
  14. Chris Calohan

    The President and Covid

    Is it really within reason to think he could test in the morning and show symptoms that evening and leave the hospital the following Monday?
  15. Jerome Marot


    France and Germany announced lockdown today. Irland, the desunited Kingdom, Spain, Poland, etc... have also announced various kinds of lockdown.
  16. Jerome Marot

    How our immune system struggles with corona

    An interesting article from the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant summarizing the present knowledge about covid-19. Fascinating read. The article (in Dutch) can be found here: https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2020/10/09/hoe-onze-afweer-worstelt-met-corona-a4015405 Readers should refer to this link if they...
  17. Jerome Marot

    Dutch celebrities rebel over COVID constraints

    A group of Dutch celebrities have triggered both a sizeable backlash and a national debate after breaking cover on social media with the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee, (I no longer participate). The central figure is the rapper and model Famke Louise, 21, who told her 1 million Instagram followers...
  18. Jerome Marot

    Public transport.

    Spain could not trace a single contamination to the use of public transport (with face masks): https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-09-15/why-you-shouldnt-be-afraid-to-take-public-transportation-amid-the-covid-19-pandemic.html
  19. James Lemon

    Name and Number

  20. Jerome Marot

    The New York Times, Sunday 24th 2020

    The front page of The New York Timest lists a small fraction of those those who have died from Covid19 in the US alone.