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  1. D

    My merry Xmas from HELL!

    My merry Xmas from HELL!
  2. Asher Kelman

    Tested every day, US President Has Covid-19 Virus Agent

    A man who dismissed COVID-19, mocked mask wearing, demanded scientists bow to his will, now infected. We have 207,000 dead. 47,000 Americans positive just today! We are still in the first wave of this Pandemic! Tragic that we are now seeing the results of not being minimally careful. we...
  3. Asher Kelman

    Caution: Sad news, one UK volunteer with Astra Zeneca Vaccine ill.

    The monkey adenovirus is thought to be safe, it carries genetic material of the COVID-19 unusual coronavirus to induce immunity. it was supposed to be given to 30,000 people in a trial. Now it’s all on hold while they investigate why one person has transverse myelitis, a rare complication...
  4. Asher Kelman

    Definitive Primer on COVID-19 Infection of Man

    This previously unknown cousin to the common cold and influenza viruses is disrupting socities world wide with at least a 0.6% mortality rate and a 20% serious illness rate of those infected and it spreads so easily, even just from talking! With hope of a vaccine, we wonder “of what immunity is...
  5. Asher Kelman

    Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept “Cover that face, MAintain your space!”

    This thread is to document what we can see with our eyes only. We are just viewing changes in behavior and new social expectations. Separate and cover up! No one escapes hardship from COVID-19 disruption of work, play and simply going out to eat! Let’s look at the diverse images of the new...
  6. Asher Kelman

    Recovered infected patients may not be protected!

    WHO has reported its findings that we cannot assume that those already infected and recovered are able to defeat a new round of infection with the COVID-19 virus. This is very disappointing news and a huge challenge. To the extent it’s confirmed, it means no “herd immunity” which we need to...
  7. Asher Kelman

    COVID-19 Likely in USA from China, SEPTEMBER 2019

    First known U.S. coronavirus death was weeks earlier than previously thought A person who died at home in Santa Clara County on Feb. 6 was infected with the coronavirus at the time of death, a stunning discovery that makes that individual the first recorded COVID-19 fatality in the United...
  8. Robert Watcher

    Social Distancing in Action

    Thankfully the few essential stores that are open in the small rural Ontario town we are staying in - are taking things seriously and have gone to great lengths to keep their customers as isolated as possible - along with protecting their workers. I took a shot of Anne coming out of the grocery...