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  1. Paul Iddon

    New twin flash

    This is my first post with photos on the forum (I did an intro thread of course). I'm from England - I wonder how many of you are from here too? My interesting is 99% macro, and even though it pains my knees to find most subjects which have a habit of being low down or at ground level, I still...
  2. Paul Iddon

    Paul from Preston in England.

    My name is Paul Iddon, and I from Preston, in England (UK). My passion is macro, and despite my knees creaking and every day getting harder to get to ground level, I still love this genre more than any other. Nice to be here. Paul.
  3. Will Thompson

    How much ring light flash power is enough?

    When using a Canon MP-E65 with a MR-14 at 5X magnification, How much more power would be enough? I have access to a modified ML-3 that will do 200 watt seconds TTL, will that be enough when fully stopped down at ISO 100 and full magnification?
  4. Asher Kelman

    Thomas Sheehan: Two Wonderful Videos: How to Shoot Macro!

    Thomas Sheehan says shooting minute animals with simple Macro setups is the closes an average person can get to exploring a new planet! I promise you will be fascinated. First with the 120mm Fuji image stabilized lens on the lightweight GFX MF camera and then using much simpler modest setups...
  5. Will Thompson

    Just for Asher a bugenvilia with a bug (macro)

    Shot with the EF-S 35mm f/2.8L Macro IS STM, EOS 7D MK II, ML3/200 watt second on a Godox AD200PRO
  6. Will Thompson

    Grapefruit tree blossom (macro)

    Shot with the EF-S 35mm f/2.8L Macro IS STM, EOS 7D MK II, ML3/200 watt second on a Godox AD200PRO
  7. Will Thompson

    The dwarf orange tree blossom (macro)

    Shot with the EF-S 35mm f/2.8L Macro IS STM, EOS 7D MK II, ML3/200 watt second on a Godox AD200PRO
  8. Robert Watcher


    I haven’t used the macro lens (35mm Olympus) that I got when I was home In Canada a few months ago. Haven’t found bugs or a way to get them still at 1/2 inch from the lens, and I’m realizing that it is hard and takes a lot of patience and controlled environments. I grabbed a camera with the...
  9. Will Thompson

    Who wants a Ringlite head for the Godox AD200PRO?

    Who wants a Ringlite head for the Godox AD200PRO? I just made 3 of them, 2 for myself and one for Asher. Everything works as if made by Godox. It’s based on a Canon RingLight thus uses their macrolite adaptors that come in 52, 58, 67, & 72mm filter ring thread sizes. A list of Canon lenses...
  10. Will Thompson

    Flowers in my yard with the new RingLight

    For your enjoyment. All with EF 50mm f2.5 macro.
  11. S

    Butterfly Wings

    Butterfly Wings is from my Flora collection and was composed at the Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, SC. I saw a familiar pattern in my mind's eye upon seeing these wandering Jew petals. The Artist's Story blog post for this piece can be read here...
  12. S


    Reincarnated is from my The Beauty Within collection and was composed at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, SC. Sometimes we have to give nature a little help. I found some gladiolus flat on the ground. They were WAY too pretty for such a sad ending, so I picked them up and supported them with a...
  13. S

    Brewing Storm

    Brewing Storm is from my Naturally Abstract collection and was composed at the Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, SC. This is also part of my sub-collection that I call Stump Art as each piece is found on the surface of a stump. The gorgeous colors were helped by golden light washing...
  14. W

    Miss Daisy

    portrait.naturally.especially Miss Daisy by Wolfgang Plattner, on Flickr
  15. M

    A simple snowflake

    Although we tend to think all snowflakes have the 6 sides and all the spikes, but mostly they don't. It takes very humid weather cold but not overly cold weather. Most of the time, they are simply little columns or underdeveloped. Just about a half hour ago, some fluffy flakes starting falling...
  16. M

    Leaves Part VII

    Here is another one from the shoot; I think I may be able to pull one or two more out in the next couple days -- no promises though. Here, they are standing up in somewhat of a pyramidal shape. A Trinity of Leaves - © Maggie Terlecki 2014
  17. M


    I'm currently doing a series of images with leaves. Hope you enjoy them as I will update this thread with more of them. :-)
  18. J

    Olympus releases the OMD E-M10 this week. I'm in. What lenses make the best start?

    Hi all! Let's talk about lenses. Just consider my query a kickoff, and consider yourself invited to take the conversation wherever you want to! I'm new and joining the forums with the encouragement of Senior Member Rachel Foster, due to my enthusiasm for the new Olympus OM-D E-M10. Olympus...
  19. M

    The spring arrived

    Finally the winter finished here in France. The spring is here now and I took the chance to take some macro pictures. foto 01 (1/640, f5.2 ISO 100 108mm) foto 02 (1/800 f4.2 ISO 100 70.3mm) foto 03 (1/640 f4.0 ISO 100 17.2 mm) foto 04 1/1000 f5.6 ISO 100 4.5mm See you soon.
  20. D

    Mussel in the sand

    An attempt to capture the stark simplicity of a common Mussel embedded in beach sand, in just about the most interesting light that a beach would have to offer, and in hyper-detail using an extraordinary (but cheap and forgotten) lens from the 1970s - on B&W film, of course. Olympus OM-1...