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  1. Paul Iddon

    I've had my eyebrows done...

    I've had my eyebrows done, just for you ;) The opiliones have remarkable faces... Paul.
  2. Paul Iddon

    Nope, still don't like them...

    Never have done, never will do, unless in front of the lens of course! Paul.
  3. Paul Iddon

    First play with 3D printed diffusers

    So an associate that has a 3D printer sent me his Twin Flash Diffusion attachments - and I have had just a quick go (not enough time to do much) and these are the first edits from today/tonight. Paul.
  4. Paul Iddon

    Small opilione

    There are at least 30 different ones, so not sure which one this may be, but it tried to disguise itself on a stone to hide from me. Silly Opilly.... :) Paul.
  5. Paul Iddon

    Developing until when? And what?

    Wandering what is in here, and when will it come out - this year, or over winter until next year? (It's on a holly leaf, close to the ground). Paul.
  6. Paul Iddon

    Fungus, an Ichy, and a (not the best) fly...

    Fungus, an Ichy, and a (not the best) fly... Paul.
  7. Paul Iddon

    Bark fly & worms

    Just found a bark fly on the compost bin. First one I have seen this year... And the tubifex worms or whatever they are (blood worms?) are out in force around an apple that has fallen into my little garden pond. Paul.
  8. Paul Iddon

    Post your BEE photos HERE (or wasps)

    Starting a thread for the wondrous world of bees and wasps, please feel free to add any images of your own. Couple of tireless bees today: Paul.
  9. Paul Iddon


    Little lady. Paul.
  10. Paul Iddon


    Still not a confirmed ID on this hairy caterpillar (someone suggested ruby tiger moth) but it looks much too pale to be that... Paul.
  11. Paul Iddon

    Green Lacewing nymph

    Spotted this little 'un - not sure but I think it's only the second time I have found one in the garden. Paul.
  12. Paul Iddon

    Compost bin lid life

    This afternoon on my compost bin. Two globular springtail head-dancing - or whatever it is they are really doing... courting of course! Deutosminthurinus pallipes, maybe. Teniuphantes species of spider. A vivid coloured larva in the same place (with an Orchesella cincta passing by to give...
  13. Paul Iddon

    Pieris rapae

    Pieris rapae, I pretty sure (but I have been wrong before...) Paul.
  14. Paul Iddon

    European Harvestman

    The European Harvestman I think... Phalangium opilio. Paul.
  15. Paul Iddon

    Slug Life

    The slug is about 20mm, the leaf maybe 45 or 50mm. The others living beings are tiny! But I don't know what they are... Possibly Riccardoella limacum Paul.
  16. Paul Iddon

    Apple Life

    This apple has fallen from our tree and started to decompose - and proved to be home for some little fellas (I assume collembola)... Paul.
  17. Paul Iddon

    Opilione and Drone

    The Opilio canestrinii, juvenile harvestman but it was running away - so all I have is the rear view... plus a sleeping dronefly on a leaf in the apple tree (taken at around 11.30pm)... Paul.
  18. Paul Iddon


    Not what I would expect in my garden, but a nocturnal visitor tonight. It's a caddisfly, though there are nearly 120 UK species so I would need an expert to narrow it down to which... It was however, very tolerant and made no effort to fly away. Paul.
  19. Paul Iddon

    Wainscot Moth

    I think this is the common wainscot moth... Paul.
  20. Paul Iddon

    A spot of moisture

    After the rain, the insects need to dry off - being soaking wet does most no good I suppose. Here's an Orchesella cincta (I think) and then the reasonably patient long-legged fly that allowed me to move around to different angles... Paul.