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    Reincarnated is from my The Beauty Within collection and was composed at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, SC. Sometimes we have to give nature a little help. I found some gladiolus flat on the ground. They were WAY too pretty for such a sad ending, so I picked them up and supported them with a...
  2. S

    Brewing Storm

    Brewing Storm is from my Naturally Abstract collection and was composed at the Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, SC. This is also part of my sub-collection that I call Stump Art as each piece is found on the surface of a stump. The gorgeous colors were helped by golden light washing...
  3. W

    Miss Daisy

    portrait.naturally.especially Miss Daisy by Wolfgang Plattner, on Flickr
  4. M

    A simple snowflake

    Although we tend to think all snowflakes have the 6 sides and all the spikes, but mostly they don't. It takes very humid weather cold but not overly cold weather. Most of the time, they are simply little columns or underdeveloped. Just about a half hour ago, some fluffy flakes starting falling...
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    Leaves Part VII

    Here is another one from the shoot; I think I may be able to pull one or two more out in the next couple days -- no promises though. Here, they are standing up in somewhat of a pyramidal shape. A Trinity of Leaves - © Maggie Terlecki 2014
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    I'm currently doing a series of images with leaves. Hope you enjoy them as I will update this thread with more of them. :-)
  7. J

    Olympus releases the OMD E-M10 this week. I'm in. What lenses make the best start?

    Hi all! Let's talk about lenses. Just consider my query a kickoff, and consider yourself invited to take the conversation wherever you want to! I'm new and joining the forums with the encouragement of Senior Member Rachel Foster, due to my enthusiasm for the new Olympus OM-D E-M10. Olympus...
  8. M

    The spring arrived

    Finally the winter finished here in France. The spring is here now and I took the chance to take some macro pictures. foto 01 (1/640, f5.2 ISO 100 108mm) foto 02 (1/800 f4.2 ISO 100 70.3mm) foto 03 (1/640 f4.0 ISO 100 17.2 mm) foto 04 1/1000 f5.6 ISO 100 4.5mm See you soon.
  9. D

    Mussel in the sand

    An attempt to capture the stark simplicity of a common Mussel embedded in beach sand, in just about the most interesting light that a beach would have to offer, and in hyper-detail using an extraordinary (but cheap and forgotten) lens from the 1970s - on B&W film, of course. Olympus OM-1...
  10. D

    Twice bitten, not shy (LF)

    Some photographs want to be made, and I have had the most incredible luck making this one. I was on the beach when visiting family in the Cape, bag with my ole' Linhof Technika over my shoulder. A single unexposed sheet of HP5+ film left (I know, this sounds so clichéd, but...) It was mildly...
  11. O

    Few macros

    I haven't visited here for ages, so maybe better start again with some pictures. Here are some recent macros: Three white flowers: Portrait of strawberry: Dunno what it is: Dandelion: Every picture have been taken in nature, not studio. I used some piece of black paper, or...
  12. S

    Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: Bumbling About

    Asher has asked me why I have not posted terribly many images recently, and the primary reasons are that I picked up a rescue dog last year , came up with a severe allergic reaction to a wasp sting, and I have been gardening (a 5 year diversion to get better photo opportunities which has also...
  13. R

    New leaves in Spring

    I'm working with a 100 mm macro lens. I am wondering if I'm hitting DOF correctly. My arc of intent: To show the the detail of newly emerging foliage, expose the intricacy and usually overlooked beauty it. Since my question is so general (am I hitting the right DOF), I've posted 4 images...
  14. R

    Not a typical butterfly shot...

    And my major question with both of these is whether their appeal is limited only to me. Even though there is something about both I like, they obviously need work. I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing, however. This first one I suspect is too macro. I like it, but I'm uncertain about it...
  15. S

    Butterfly with an attitude

    I wanted to share this with you, and ask what do you think of it... It was taken at the Bronx Zoo in New York, at the Butterfly garden. I totally love how it seems to be staring at me directly as if saying "So, aren't I the coolest butterfly in the world, or what?". :-) I took it with my...