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  1. Paul Iddon

    An alien landscape...

    Concrete gate posts have their own textures, and when combined with two alienesque bugs (one of which could have potentially eaten the other) you get a landscape with creatures that could be Venusians on the surface of the planet... Paul.
  2. Paul Iddon

    The ant, the aphid, and a ladybird roaming the apple tree trunk

    I spotted this ant carrying an aphid as I was looking around the garden, and also noticed a ladybird larva scurrying around too (which I added to the end of the post). Paul.
  3. Paul Iddon

    First damselfly this year

    Landed on the poorest leaves on the poorest shrub in the garden, but I was able to get quite close with the Venus lens. Paul.
  4. Paul Iddon

    Spiders last night, and a bug...

    Four from the darkness of the night... A bug which might be Cacosylla, then a female steadota bipunctata with her eggs, a male Philodromus dispar, a Sac Spider (Clubiona) and my resident Nuctenea umbratic, dining, and showing of his spinnerets. Paul.
  5. Paul Iddon

    Miniature Globular Springtail

    It was really small, quite mobile, and I'd knocked the lens to f/5.6 so lost some depth of field... Just checked the markings on my ruler and it was probably only just about 1.5mm at most! It might be a Dicyrtoma fusca but I'm unsure at the moment (maybe someone can confirm or suggest the sub...
  6. Paul Iddon

    Tiny jumper and prey

    This jumping spider herself is only about 4mm long but she has managed to pounce and capture her dinner - and it's as big if not bigger than she is! Paul.
  7. Paul Iddon


    This is a 4-5mm long parasitoid wasp, family Braconidae sp. but probably Alyssinae. Paul.
  8. Paul Iddon

    Now it's allowed to eat out...

    The Orb Weavers are getting meals delivered directly to them... Paul.
  9. Paul Iddon


    I think this is the youngest stage of the Cacopsylla mali bug. This was so tiny I didn't think it was even a bug or even alive until I removed the leaf and saw it move! Paul.
  10. Paul Iddon

    Fast jumper and a rove beetle

    This jumping spider was far too alert and rapid, so only managed one photo, then I spotted a tiny movement on a moss covered housebrick - turns out to be a rove beetle, less than ½inch long both of them. Paul.
  11. Paul Iddon

    Leafcurling sac spider, and the white-legged snake millipede.

    Clubiona, commonly known as Leaf-curling Sac Spiders, is a genus of spiders in the family Clubionidae (Clubiona comta). Here we have a female sat on the variegated laurel. Then we have this wonderfully tightly wound white-legged snake millipede, which has for some reason managed to grip a...
  12. Paul Iddon

    The hatred...

    There are a few insects that I don't particularly like to touch or have run toward me... Centipedes close to the top of this list! But they are fascinating to see up close, but their hard shell is highly reflective so some post production is always required to tone down the flash (or sometimes!)...
  13. Paul Iddon

    Steatoda bipunctata

    She seemed quite shiny... Paul.
  14. Paul Iddon

    4 bugs

    Just before the rain came today, I took these photos in the garden. There is an opillione (harvestman), a sunfly (hoverfly, Helophilus pendulus) and 2 springtail species (Orchesella cincta and Tomocerus sp.). Paul.
  15. Paul Iddon


    Cute girl. Paul.
  16. Paul Iddon

    The Mayfly - and the briefest of encounters...

    The eggs of mayflies are laid underwater, and the nymphs which hatch from the eggs can live for two years in the water. Then come the summer, the adults hatch out - sometimes simultaneously and they can appear in their hundreds. Sadly, they have very short lifespan (just hours in some cases)...
  17. Paul Iddon

    She is still waiting...

    ...for a morsel. Paul.
  18. Paul Iddon

    Ant on the tree trunk.

    There were three of them, but this is the only one I could get anywhere near to because of the shape of the tree. Paul.
  19. Robert Watcher

    ADAPTABILITY - Can’t go outside, but gotta still photograph

    It has been a little boring not having much real content to photograph on a daily basis... ... and so I decided to utilize a small desk space in our living room, and discover a whole new facet of photography this spring —- closeup photography on a macro scale. I had a camera. I have an adapted...
  20. Paul Iddon

    Ladybird on Gerbera

    Colours are vibrant in the flower and the insect! Paul.