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  1. Asher Kelman

    NSFW A Muse Visits

    She tried on one of the dresses in the wardrobe and asked how I like it on her! Asher Kelman: “Pink Dress” Asher
  2. Will Thompson

    Navy pinup photo, from my first ring-light project!

    This is from a photo shoot using the first high power ring-light I ever built. It was made from an old Hasselblad low powered ring-light I modified to put on a Norman 400b battery powered pack. I had to modify the pack to stop the after glow, and not use it over 100 watt seconds, the first...
  3. Will Thompson

    Scary photo

  4. Will Thompson

    A Model from today’s shoot!

    With Canon EOS 5Ds, EF 50mm f2.5 macro, & my RingLight.
  5. Will Thompson

    Gangster’s angry girlfriend

  6. Asher Kelman

    A Muse Visits! Current Muses

    There are a number of folk who help me, from kneeding clay, mixing liquid latex for molds or actual being case in plaster! These collaborators make it possible for me to do more than I would think was possible. I also photograph everyone. Here’s Chloe! Asher Kelman: Chloe #1 She’s also a...
  7. Will Thompson

    Critique Requested Way Cute Model #2

    Yet another RingLight photo
  8. Will Thompson

    NSFW Pinup

  9. Will Thompson

    Happy Halloween

  10. Will Thompson

    60s Glamor Model

  11. Will Thompson

    Glamor Model Boxing!

  12. M

    Predictive color temperature model

    I’m a student at Cornell University working on a design project aimed at creating a formulaic model to predict the color temperature of sunlight at any time and geographic location in the world. Our algorithms are well on their way and we need empirical data to verify our work. Thus, we are...
  13. A

    A couple of Narzahni, (nude)

    A couple of Narzahni, (nude) C&C welcome Image #1: Two lights: large softbox as background, gridded spot on lower body Image #2: Serendipitous shot with setup intended for upright pose. Four lights: gridded beauty dish aimed where face would be (probably missing her almost entirely); small...