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  1. M

    My World: Tree silhouette

  2. M

    Ecco DiLorenzo and his Innersoul

    A few pictures of the concert at the Tollwood Festival this year (2022): Technically these could be better, but ist was so good to see how everybody on stage and in front of the stage enjoyed live music after this long time without concerts.
  3. M

    My World: Krampuslauf Munich

    For those who are not familiar with this tradition, a short introduction here.
  4. M


    It's been a while... I found the group on metafilter and finally had the occasion to see them in concert. [/url ]url=https://flic.kr/p/2nG5fmT]Meute 11 Meute 3 Meute 8 Meute 9 Meute 6
  5. Jerome Marot

    Make love, not war.

    Christopher Street Day is the name of the pride walk in Munich. As it happens right where I live, I usually try to photograph it. There was a pause due to the pandemic so this year was quite energetic, yet different.
  6. Jerome Marot


  7. Jerome Marot

    No beer today.

    🎶 No beer today, it wasn't always so The company was gay, we'd turn night into day But all that's left is a place dark and lonely People passing by don't know the reason why How could they know just what this message means? The end of our hopes, the end of our dreams How could they know what...
  8. M

    Just a dancer

    on stilts (not shown). Michael
  9. Jerome Marot

    Around where I live: Architecture, Parks, Nightlife, Food, Wildlife! Reichszeugmeisterei

    The Reichszeugmeisterei was a building used by NSDAP for its merchandise (uniforms, etc...).
  10. Jerome Marot

    Fridays for future

    There were demonstrations about climate change all over Germany yesterday. The square "Königsplatz" was filled with 40000 people.