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  1. Antonio Correia

    Smoke outside please !

  2. Tom dinning

    The merchants of Venice.

    A small collection of those who keep Venice afloat. Locals are an endangered species in Venice. But everyone must be housed, clothed, fed and entertained. My camera is not blind to this. My working class background can’t allow me to ignore what is important.
  3. P

    Unnatural Erosion

    The Andes mountains being a younger geological formation than for example the Ozark mountains of the US Midwest are typically very steep not having experienced the natural erosion of the latter. Farmers in Colombia all too often clear these slopes. The people in this home have cleared the...
  4. P


  5. P

    Jeepers Creepers

    Trujillo Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
  6. Tom dinning

    The conversation

    The kiss of conversation blesses us wit the understanding of others While the rain persists and the dark renders fear Who is to know what we say, what we mean, what we want Just to listen, to hear, to be there while the evening passes And we part as friends, with a different view of what we want...
  7. Tom dinning

    Creating art from nothing

    The wall is blank. “We need some art here” “We’ll make some” So much from so little.
  8. Tom dinning

    A life with others.

    20 years ago I married Christine. Leaving one wife and finding another has its rewards and also it’s pitfalls. One of the rewards was to find Christine didn’t come unaccompanied. I was warned by a wise man that I wouldn’t ‘get on’ with everyone. This family I was becoming part of didn’t accept...
  9. Antonio Correia

    Family at the distance

    I set in a cafeteria for a cake and I decided to take some shots of people passing by... Just for the fun of it
  10. James Lemon


  11. James Lemon


  12. P

    Bikers In Trujillo

    In the village on market day
  13. James Lemon


  14. U

    For Critique:

    Well, I am not sure which sub forum to post this...but, felt that the series of images most suited the "story behind the picture" model. Both were taken during my recent (June 2008) travel to Bangalore, India. Story 1: The faces and people that make the "City Market" what it is. I was...
  15. J

    From my first Halloween shoot of the season.

    Hi: Here are a few from yesterdays shoot. John
  16. J

    My wife, Jen and Royal

    Hi: I shot this of Jen and Royal today at a clients horse farm. John