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  1. Antonio Correia

    At the barber shop

  2. Antonio Correia

    My most difficult shot, ever

    And why was this the most difficult shot I have ever done ? No, not because of the light conditions but instead when the result came out of the printer. When you show or print an image of a landscape the colours may not be correct, imperfect... but when it comes to portraits the "think" is far...
  3. Antonio Correia


  4. James Lemon

    Street Portraits

  5. James Lemon

    Any Slice

  6. Will Thompson

    Question: A thread titled “ Lighting for ugly people”

    I believe it was a good post but a moron moderator on a different forum locked the thread after 4 good replys. I think this is a great subject for discussion. Comments please, The starting post below: For those with a lot of studio experience with “challenging” clients, what techniques do you...
  7. Antonio Correia

    Man with turban

    Have I shown you this portrait before ?
  8. fahim mohammed

    Where is

    Charlotte? I have not seen her around the forum for sometime. Hope she and her family are safe and well.
  9. fahim mohammed

    My World: Singer...not the song!

    Fuji X-T1, XF 35/1.4, Alienskin Blowup Beijing..From the archives.
  10. fahim mohammed

    My World: A Traveler...

    Too old to travel now. Archives bring a lot of pleasure, though.... D700, ZF 100/2, Yogyakarta. Archives.
  11. Tom dinning

    An ill defined photographer.

    I’m currently going through all my photographs, one by bloody one, and rethinking them, reprocessing, reinventing as it were. I don’t throw much out so this could take me a while. Along the way I ask myself questions. Today, the question is “What sort of a photographer am I?” Along with that...
  12. Antonio Correia

    Smoke outside please !

  13. Tom dinning

    The merchants of Venice.

    A small collection of those who keep Venice afloat. Locals are an endangered species in Venice. But everyone must be housed, clothed, fed and entertained. My camera is not blind to this. My working class background can’t allow me to ignore what is important.
  14. P

    Unnatural Erosion

    The Andes mountains being a younger geological formation than for example the Ozark mountains of the US Midwest are typically very steep not having experienced the natural erosion of the latter. Farmers in Colombia all too often clear these slopes. The people in this home have cleared the...
  15. P