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    Up Cycle

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    photoshoot in Greenock Scotland

    For what is worth, here are photos from a recent photo shoot in Greenock, Scotland. © Serge Chabert Shot In Greenock (color on Fuji Provia 100 and black and white on Ilford HP5 plus) Model and makeup : Samantha Jack
  5. P

    Fashion Work

    So my last visit to this site was March 13, 2012. I'm back to hang out and show my recent works. from a fashion editorial I did
  6. J

    News: Julian Knight runs Fashion/Glamour/Advertising holiday workshops in Malta

    Want to get started at fashion photography or improve your existing skills? How about doing this while on an island holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean sea? British photographer Julian Knight has just the right solution. Back in the UK, Julian shot and art directed campaigns for major...
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    Content Advertising Moved to Storage for now!

    We don't allow advertising from folk with no track record of forum participation or contributions here in OPF. We do try to support the efforts of everyone where we can, but we're not a bulletin board, but a community. First join in and share! Asher
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    Joe Thomas : Stairs x3 I shot this last weekend. My friend Lina Chen designed the clothes, and one of her friends, Grace Baik, modeled for us. I had to hurry on this because it started to rain on us since we were outside. Any thoughts?