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  1. Robert Watcher

    Vines on Textured Walls

    Vines on Textured Walls in beautiful Elora Ontario
  2. Asher Kelman

    Digital Processing Issues and Fixes: An amazing Photography Bundle supporting Children’s Charities

    Just for a few days, here’s access to a fabulous bargain of many brilliant useful training videos from Landscapes to Portrait poses and lighting to great filters for a great unique finish to your photos. This is organized by Matt Granger, the portrait and figure photographer and...
  3. Chris Calohan

    Light Dancing

    Nikon D500, 17-35mm @f/8, 10 sec, Hoya 720 nano IR filter, ISO 200
  4. P

    Travelog: Photographs in the "Blue Hour"

    Per Wikipedia: "The blue hour is the period of twilight... where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. The time is considered special because of the quality of the light". You guys all know that, but in some ways to me it is even more special than the golden hour. Well here are...
  5. James Lemon

    Ranch Country

  6. Vijay Mathew

    Walking in the palace gardens

    Hill Palace, Kochi
  7. Vijay Mathew

    Farmlands of Kerala

    Paddy and coconut cultivation in Kuttanad, an area lying below sea level. Farming is done on land reclaimed from a nearby lake. Pineapple farms, Pathanamthitta district
  8. P

    Sugar Cane

  9. Chris Calohan

    Island in the Mist

  10. fahim mohammed

    My World: Answering the call!!

  11. Jarmo Juntunen

    Pitkäkoski, Finland

    Hi guys! I hope everyone's fine despite the horrible year of '20! I myself have been absent from this forum and many others due to a work assignment that took me abroad for a while. So, without further ado, here's one from yesterday. I should be colder up here this time of the year, but at least...
  12. Chris Calohan

    It Was As the World Was Shrouded in Mystery...

  13. fahim mohammed

    My World: The green green fields of...

    In this case not the green green fields of home ( Tom Jones, if you are old enough! ) but in Asia. From the archives.
  14. fahim mohammed

    My World: Where three mountain ranges meet!!

    The Himalayas, the Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush. No mountain peak depicted is less than 5000 meters. Not far away, there were some military incidents reported between the PRC and India. One of the Old Silk Routes traverses this geographical location... Fuji X-T3, XF 18-55. Baltistan...
  15. fahim mohammed

    My World: Cold!!

    X-T3, 18-55mm, Antartica. Archives.
  16. fahim mohammed


    Leica M8, ZM 50/1.5, Zurich. Archives.
  17. James Lemon

    Rare Sighting

  18. fahim mohammed

    My World: The 7th Continent.

    Stay safe. Stay well.
  19. P


    How would you like to live here? You would have a long seep walk to get anywhere. It is an Indian home in the Andes mountains. They often like to live far away from the rest of the Colombian population. It is notable that unlike other Colombians they don't clear large swaths around their homes...
  20. Tom dinning

    Would you?