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Some photographs from Kenya

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Even, Nicola Claris, as a full time dedicated commercial Photographer, AFAIK, prepares and selectively exits all all shots for publication.

Then there is philosophy of “Truth”. Is it fair to Kenya’s National Parks that a flooded bank of a river is seen as a few patch puddles or does one “repair” that portion using larger similar pools fr


Antonio Correia

Well-known member
Sorry Asher but things don't work that way here.
It is a small, very small in fact market with huge limitations.
I do not have illusions ! I think :)

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Here it would make a beautiful table book. Also one could make a children’s book!

These sell here!


Antonio Correia

Well-known member
A couple of friends under the tree
Antonio, your images are wonderful and very fascinating. From the people to the animals, I thought they were all great. The train looked quite comfy and I could see traveling 6 hours in one, where you get to take a great nap would be fabulous.

What a wonderful adventure and photographic opportunities you had and took advantage of.

I like Asher, would be quite pleased to visit there! Just incredible!

And I think the giraffe is a female. I've been doing a drawing challenge with some friends, where for 100 days, we must draw something from a list every day. I had a giraffe to do and
learned that most females and males have ossicones, but the female ones have tufts at the top, where the males tufts are worn off from fighting. I guess if it were a youth, it could possibly be a boy, but you'd have to look underneath to truly be sure! :)

Thanks for sharing these, I think they are gorgeous!


Antonio Correia

Well-known member
Thank you Maggie for your extensive comment. (y)
Giraffes take care of babies when other mothers go to feed. I don't think this is the same animal as posted before

Wonderful images, the hippo looks so peaceful sleeping. I also didn't know that about the female giraffes, what a community they have.
Just fabulous, Antonio, thanks so much for the share! :) Maggie