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art appreciation

  1. charlotte thompson

    Morphine the Night

    The title comes from the song Morphine the Night by Sandman who died on the floor at concert. I love the sad song. My tribute if you will. The girl in the art is who Sandman sings about is Morphine a metaphor . The lyrics are incredible "You are night Lylah little girl lost in the woods :
  2. charlotte thompson

    Bee Kissed

  3. charlotte thompson


    A Series: “Dreaming!” where to get gas near me
  4. charlotte thompson

    Lady of the Lake

    Lady of the Lake
  5. charlotte thompson

    December Wedding

  6. charlotte thompson

    The Creation of Sunday

  7. charlotte thompson


    This was a birthday card I made for Parker long ago p
  8. charlotte thompson

    Falling. O.

  9. charlotte thompson

    Collection by Alexandr Babuskin

    Some of my work today posted by and collection made for me by Alexandr Babuskin. We have become good friends. http://finbahn.com/charlotte-thompson/?fbclid=IwAR3ZqjoWSVS_rs-rS-70azuS9vqDGQUTlMTzvvtpD1ltt-4XhxtdkYS9Ne4
  10. charlotte thompson

    Mother Natures Tears

  11. charlotte thompson

    Mother of all Nature

    Charlotte Thompson: “Mother of All Nature”
  12. charlotte thompson

    Resident Evil

  13. charlotte thompson

    When the wings Rest

  14. nicolas claris

    My World: In the art side of my mind

    Beside my so called "commercial" work I do try to experiment my feelings, interrogations and findings into personal works… For some years now, I have created some series that some of you might be aware of (@Asher Kelman , @Cem_Usakligil ;) As "Claris Image Builder" celebrate this year its...
  15. Asher Kelman

    How do we "experience art"? Is there a way specific to the work?

    This morning, the New york Times published an article on the pressure key galleries in Europe have as hordes of visitors pack in to view their art treasures on display. The buildings aren't designed for the huge numbers of enthusiastic folk packing into spaces like this was the last subway train...